26-27 October 2023 // 10-15h // NOVA FCSH Lisbon, Portugal

How to communicate your research visually?



The Sci-Vi Seminar Lisbon organizes its third yearly event in October 2023. This year’s program is a fusion of the last two years’ seminars, where 2021 focused on the theoretical syllabus, and 2022 introduced a science communication matchmaking session between researchers and artists. Science animation production as a collaborative process offers new opportunities for flexible production planning and tools to keep up with the media novelties. The 2023 seminar summarizes visual science communication theory and practice, where the participants use their own research and develop their own science visualization plan with the help of animation professionals. This two-day seminar is a test ride for the future plans of a longer Sci-Vi Course, where the participants, besides learning and practicing visual science communication theory, collaborate with the visual artists to create a short animated explainer about their research. The 2023 event is organized and founded by iNOVA Media Lab/ICNOVA and hosted by NOVA FCSH in collaboration with the Sci-Vi Initiative (from The Animation Workshop, VIA UC, Viborg, Denmark) on the 26th and 27th of October 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Day 1 - Sci-Vi (science visualization) Principles & Cases and Sci-Vi Pitch Training

How to tell your own story and choose the right platforms for your message and target audience?

Day 2 - Artist Case-Study presentations, Artist-Researcher Matchmaking

How to collaborate with artists and plan a science animation production?

Subscription is obligatory by emailing a short CV and a one-page-long research project description to . The One-pager should resume the research as an abstract, and share information about the current development stage, possible visualization ideas, and target audience. The maximum participant number is 10. The application deadline is the 5th of October, 2023, and notification is expected on the 12th of October, 2023.

To access the program and find additional information about the event, kindly download the PDF document.