WellApp Project

The WellApp project explores and challenges the socio-cultural trend of the meanings of wellness, self-care and balance in contemporary life that emerge in digital spaces mediated by apps. Based on platform studies, a mixed methodology is used to analyse dynamics and practices reflecting whether the management of wellness is shaped or pushed by the growing offer and adoption of apps towards a platformisation of health.

WellApp is a project hosted by NOVA University of Lisbon, and supported by iNOVA Media Lab. It is funded within the scope of a project grant (ICNOVA/UIDB/004/2022/WellApp) under the auspices of the research unit NOVA Institute of Communication (ICNOVA).


Rita Sepúlveda is a post-doctoral researcher at ICNOVA – Instituto de Comunicação da Nova. She holds a PhD in Communication Sciences (ISCTE). Rita researches collective expressions and their dynamics in digital environments. Her work has focused on the transformation of intimacy in the context of the appropriation of digital platforms. Since 2019, she teaches, in several courses, curricular units in the area of communication, with a particular focus on methodologies and online social networks.

Ana Marta M. Flores holds a PhD in journalism and is a researcher at ICNOVA/iNOVA Media Lab and Obi.Media, affiliated with NOVA University Lisbon. She is also a research collaborator at the Trends and Culture Management Lab, part of the University of Lisbon’s CEAUL. Presently, Ana Marta is engaged as a postdoctoral researcher in the MyGender project at the University of Coimbra, while also assuming the role of communication officer for the Digital Culture and Communication section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA).

photo by Susana Ramos (2023)



The WellApp project conference, a significant gathering, showcases academic excellence and interdisciplinary cooperation. Covering topics like digital wellness, the conference brings together experts and scholars from various fields, fostering diverse perspectives. 


The activities of the project include scientific presentations exploring gender portrayals on Instagram and live debates delving into wellness culture intricacies. Our activities reflect the core values of the WellApp project, promoting scholarly discourse and critical thinking.


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Fell free to contact the project by email: wellappproject@gmail.com


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