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A pioneering project in Portugal carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Education and four higher education institutions with the aim of producing digital educational resources, scientifically and pedagogically validated. iNOVA Media Lab coordinates the digital creation of interactive digital games, multiple multimedia formats and a web platform, serving the didactic areas of Mathematics, Science and Portuguese. The project is in line with the objectives set by the European Commission (H2020) to improve the quality and efficiency of education and training systems. Besides iNOVA Media Lab, the project consortium includes the General Directorate of Education (managing institution), the University of Lisbon, the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, and the University of Aveiro. Access the whole project here.

90 segundos de ciência is a daily radio program of one and a half minutes, without external narration, in which a different scientist each day explains one research project. The choice is made for geographic, scientific and gender representation. It started broadcasting on November 21, 2016, and is currently broadcast twice a day on Antena 1, with four repetitions on the antenna of RDP Internacional and RDP África. It is also broadcast over the internet, through RTP Play, podcasting and dedicated website, as well as on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. It has reached around 10,000 people a month, including radio, podcast and social media audiences. In 2021, it exceeded the 1000 episodes released. In Portugal, it is the first program of its kind to achieve this longevity and with a digital intention and dissemination through social networks. Distinguished with the Gulbenkian Knowledge Award 2019.
90 Segundos de Ciência – Patrocínios captados entre 2020 e 2022: 60.000,00€. IR: António Granado, Co-IRs: Paulo Nuno Vicente, Ana Sanchez


Competition for R&D Projects in All Scientific Domains – 2022.Reference: 2022.02730.PeX. Budget raised competitively: €49,692.29. IR: Ana Viseu, Co-IR: Paulo Nuno Vicente

Créditos da imagem: MC SONAE

RAMPEEC – Recursos de Apoio à Mudança de Práticas no Ensino Experimental de Ciências

Reference: CPG/19/2021. Budget raised competitively: €55,879.52. PI: Paulo Nuno Vicente.

Designing With. A New Educational Module to Integrate ML, AI, and DV in Design Curricula

Competitively raised budget: €17,439.13. IR: Janna Joceli Omena

DIGIUSOS: Os Jovens e a Transição Digital: Usos, desafios e oportunidades na Região Autónoma dos Açores

Budget raised competitively: €5,000. IR: Paulo Nuno Vicente, Co-IR: Catarina Duff Burnay

Vigi_BairroAlto: A Hipervigilância do Espaço Público: o caso do Bairro Alto

Budget raised competitively: €5,000. IR: Paulo Victor Melo, Co-IR: Ana Viseu

Stick & Flow: A Critical Framework for Investigating Bot Engagement on Social Media

Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS/DE). 12 000 €. IR: Janna Joceli Omena

WellApp - Wellness amplified or appified? Wellness management trending in everyday life digital platforms

WellApp project explores and challenges the socio-cultural trend of the meanings of wellness, self-care and balance in contemporary life that emerge in digital spaces mediated by apps. Based on platform studies, a mixed methodology is used to analyse dynamics and practices reflecting whether the management of wellness is shaped or pushed by the growing offer and adoption of apps towards a platformisation of health.

Budget raised competitively: €5,000. PI: Rita Sepúlveda, Co-IR: Ana Marta M. Flores

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