AI for Education: a 3-Day course to bring the Future closer

AI for Education

A 3-Day course to bring the Future closer

In an era dominated by technological advancements, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into education isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. As per a literature review on the subject, AI holds immense potential to revolutionize the educational landscape, making learning more personalized, efficient, and engaging. Harnessing this potential, iNOVA Media Lab proudly presents its upcoming course: “AI for Education.”

Over three days, on April 20th, 27th, and May 4th, our course offers a comprehensive exploration about AI applied to Education. Each day delves into a specific module of AI, enabling participants to tailor their learning experience. Notably, this course is designed as “no code,” eliminating the prerequisite of programming knowledge. Upon completion, participants receive a participation certificate detailing the hours attended. Whether attending in person or online, accessibility is ensured for all participants. Organized by iNOVA Media Lab, University of Lisbon, this course presents an unmissable opportunity to embark on an exciting journey towards the future.

Course Overview:

Day 1: Introduction to Generative AI

  • Explore the basics of AI and its future implications.
  • Dive into the realm of chatbots and authenticity in AI-generated content.
  • Learn content creation essentials and engage in practical exercises.

Day 2: AI in Research: From Data to Insights

  • Understand how AI aids in research data analysis.
  • Discover data visualization techniques and ethical considerations in AI.
  • Master techniques for presenting and promoting research findings.

Day 3: AI in Education: From Planning to Assessment

  • Learn about assessment methods enhanced by AI.
  • Explore AI-driven curriculum planning and dynamic teaching tools.
  • Engage in developing interactive learning exercises.

The course is coordinated by Carla Nave, Assistant Professor at NOVA FCSH, Paulo Nuno Vicente, Coordinator of iNOVA Media Lab, Ana Marta Flores, integrated researcher at iNOVA Media Lab, and José Manuel Sotero, invited Assistant Professor at NOVA FCT and PhD candidate in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH. Coming from diverse backgrounds in digital media, journalism, interaction design, and computer engineering, the team brings a myriad of academic and practical expertise to the table.

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