VR at your service!: immersive media for enhancing well-being in organizations

The first edition of the VR at your service! workshop, which focused on immersive media for enhancing well-being in organizations, took place on March 31st and April 1st. The workshop was led by António Baía Reis, a researcher and artist, who encouraged participants to view immersive media as a means of driving innovation within organizations.

Over the course of two days, the workshop aimed to introduce participants to XR (Extended Reality) technologies and their potential in fostering well-being practices within organizations. It also explored the concepts of social VR (Social Virtual Reality) and helped facilitate the creation of a living manifesto for immersive well-being in organizations.

Beyond the theoretical component, which delved into the main foundations and concepts of this research area, participants were given the opportunity to experience virtual environments firsthand and develop their own XR integration projects to address the needs and problems of organizations.

This activity resulted from the partnership between iNOVA Media Lab and the Post-Graduate Program in Internal Communication and Well-being in Organizations.

José Sotero

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